Bier Factory was a pioneer in the Swiss Craft scene and one of the country’s first real Craft breweries. Since our beginnings in 2000, we have played around a lot. With great pride we present you with a brief company history and also show below all beers who were rewarded with their own labels.

Let’s Brew!


Let’s Brew!

Rappi Bier Factory GmbH founded by Beat Ott and Stephen Hart. The original location was less than 100 meters square. Within its walls were a tasting room, and micro-brewery, one brew kettle, a hand filling machine, one fermentation tank and two lager tanks. Additional storage space was located across the street down a level of stairs.

Bier Factory Rapperswil AG


Bier Factory Rapperswil AG

Name: Rappigold
Style: Pale Ale
Production: 2000 – 2015
Alcohol: 4.8%

This is the 1st beer produced by the company. It was considered a pale ale, bitter, yet maltier to meet local tastes.

Name: Blackbier
Style: Dry Stout
Production: 2000 – Current
Alcohol: 5%

Roasted notes, black color, light mouthfeel, and medium bitterness. Winner of several awards during its life. A real killer.

Name: Rapperswiler
Style: Lager
Production: 2013 – 2015
Alcohol: 4.8%

A full bodied lager. Slightly sweet. Not dry and bitter. Made for the people. Recipe updated in 2016 and converted to Corporate Monkey Craft Lager.