With a one-time purchase, you’ll have access to exclusive craft bier releases, discounts from 5% up to 15% on all of your online beer purchases, we’ll invite you to our best bier parties and you’ll be part of the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG family.


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Terms and FAQs of the Program

1.          What is #lovecraftbier?

#lovecraftbier (#LCB) is our new brewery membership program. This program gives our fans and supporters the chance to be part of the brewery, member only events, and special offers. With #LCB funds, the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG will receive additional cash to support growth. For your participation, you receive a liquidation participation certificate (in the physical form of a numbered card) in the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG (more info on this in point 3 below) and, depending on your level of participation, you receive attractive deals on purchases made online along with event invitations and other benefits. These benefits are outlined in greater detail under point 2. All participants will receive a membership card with your individual number.

2.          What are the Benefits for Members of #lovecraftbier?

The actual benefits are outlined below.

  CHF 250 CHF 500 CHF 1’000
L1. #lovecraftbier Member Card Yes Yes Yes
L2. Online Shop – Beer Discounts 5% 10% 15%
L3. Shareholder Meeting Invitation (craft bier und snacks) Yes Yes Yes
L4. Limited Edition Bier Priority Yes Yes Yes


L1. #lovecraftbier Member Card

Your official #lovecraftbier program member card will be sent to you via post, or you can claim it in person at the brewery. Benefits are extended only to the registered member for private use.

L2. Online Shop – Beer Discounts

Discounts are only available for beer purchases and merchandise made placed through our online shop (craftbier.ch). Shipping and other transaction fees or products are not eligible for a discount. At this time, we are unable to process discounts for purchases made directly, in person, at the brewery. Bier purchased at a discount is only for personal use – i.e., no reselling of products purchased at a discount.

L3. Shareholder Meeting Invitation

We have an annual shareholder meeting usually in the fall. You’ll be invited to come and eat, drink and enjoy the company of supporters and owners of the Bier Factory. You’ll get to see how the Bier Factory is run even though you will not have a vote. Note: this invitation does not include a guest. Members and shareholders only.

L4. Limited Edition Bier Priority

Limited Release biers will be available to members for purchase online 1 week before officially released to the public. Notice of availability will be sent via email. Sales are processed in the order received. There is no guarantee that the beer will be available to all members.

3.          What exactly is the #LCB Liquidation Participation Certificate?

As a member of #LCB, you get a membership card with a unique number. Only with this card are you eligible for the benefits. This card is also an official liquidation participation certificate of the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG. A liquidation participation certificate is a legal document, which entitles the cardholder to certain benefits in the case of liquidation of the Company. The liquidation participation certificate does not provide any voting rights. This means that you cannot vote at the annual Shareholders meeting. Nor do will you have any decision in the distribution of profits or dividends. Just so you know, up to now, we have not issued any dividends.

4.          How do register to join #lovecraftbier and get my card?

First, you need to order your card online at craftbier.ch and then you pay the amount due into the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG’s bank account. Or for existing shareholders, send your share(s) to the Bier Factory for exchange. There are two possibilities for new members and existing shareholders:

  1. Pay the amount due based on your order. Pay (CHF 250, 500, 1’000) into the following account:

Bier Factory Rapperswil AG, 8645 Jona

IBAN: CH48 0840 1000 0605 0310 6

Account: 605.031.06

Migros Bank AG, 8021 Zurich

  1. Already a shareholder in the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG? Then you just sign, date and send us your share(s) after placing your order online (basically endorsing the share back to the Company. We suggest registered mail as we cannot replace lost certificates. Once we receive your share(s) then we will send you your new #LCB membership card. One share is equal to CHF 500 in the #LCB program and its benefits. Please place your order based on the total value of your share(s) you would like to exchange.

Upon receipt of your payment into the bank account listed above, or your shares to exchange, you are immediately eligible for the benefits outlined in the program.

Note: the liquidation participation certificate is legally valid following approval at the next shareholders general meeting of the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG in 2017.

5.          What do I do with my card when I no longer want it?

You can sell the card when you would like. In order for the buyer to enjoy the benefits of the card, they will have to register the card number and their information with us. We might ask for your confirmation. You can also give the card back to us. However, we cannot buy the card back.

6.          Do I get anything else from my liquidation participation certificate?

As a member, you have the legal right to the right of first refusal (purchase rights), should the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG offer new shares.

7.          Can you please clarify, once again, what my legal rights are?

The main purpose of the #LCB program is to support the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG. Economically speaking, the participation and purchase of liquidation participation certificates in this program are a donation to supporting the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG. If you return your shares, this is also legally considered a donation to the Company. As a thank you for your donation, which is simply a waiver of your share(s), you receive from the Company a liquidation participation certificate (#LCB). This will provide you with an equal share in liquidation proceeds similar to shares in the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG.

If you contribute in cash (bank transfer), we have to be creative because liquidation participation certificates may not be issued for money. However, they may be issued to lenders who waive their loans to refinance the company. Some of our most loyal shareholders (let’s call them for the purposes of this section, the Sellers) who granted us a loan promised to us that they would wave their loans in the same amount you contribute in cash. For this waiver, we give them the liquidation participation certificates. Then they sell these certificates to you. Your contribution is, thus, rather a purchase price payment for the certificate to the Sellers. The Sellers instructed us to send you the certificates directly. Only when we send the certificate we will forward your cash contribution to them. Bier Factory Rapperswil AG benefits from this because the Sellers further promised to grant us new loans with the same conditions when we need them. And to keep this as simple as possible, the Sellers authorized the Bier Factory Rapperswil AG to represent them for the entire transaction.

8.          Is there anything else I should be aware of when participating?

Yes. Our tax attorneys reminded us that we must not give you an enforceable legal claim for the #lovecraftbier benefits and that the Company has to reserve the right to change the benefits or suspend them. Therefore, this is that notice. But your liquidation participation right is in any case fully enforceable and could only be limited with the consent of a meeting of the participants of #lovecraftbier.


[1]             The benefit of the program will be voted on at the annual shareholders meeting. The benefits can change accordingly. The current program was approved at the last shareholders meeting on October 7, 2016.

Decode Your Card

A. total amount paid for the card (CHF)
B. number of units
C. your unique member number