Build Your Own (BYO) BRAND

Businesses, private groups, and marketing geniuses often ask us if they can have their own beer produced to promote or support their own projects. What we can offer is the opportunity for you to design your own label, and then have it applied to one of our existing beers: our world famous Pale Ale or even more famous IPA.

Start building your empire today with your personalised, custom label today!

Below are our attractive conditions.

Minimum of 1 pallet (1296 bottles)
Delivery Date
6 weeks from confirmation.
33cl one-way glass bottles packed in 24-pack BF boxes. Bottle caps will have the BF logo.
Printed at your expense. Designed by you according to our printer’s specifications with our brewery info on the back of the labels. Your label must be a full wrap around, 180mm wide, 80mm. The final label must be approved by the Bier Factory.
The beer must be picked up by you, or your transport company, from our brewery in Jona, SG.
One-time setup fee Fr. 400; Pale Ale 1.98 each bottle (for IPA add + .40 each bottle), + label cost + 8% tax. Payment must be made before label order.
Pallet Bottles Setup Fee Beer Label Total for Each Bottle Pale Ale
(without 8% tax)
India Pale Ale (IPA)
1 1296 0.31 1.98 0.41 2.70  + .40
2 2592 0.15 1.98 0.25 2.38   + .40
3 3888 0.10 1.98 0.19 2.27   + .40
4 5184 0.00 1.98 0.15 2.13   + .40

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