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33cl bottle, 6.4% Alc.

1 x 33cl Bottle, 5.4% Alc.

1 x 33cl Bottle, 4.8% Alc.

1 x 33cl Bottle, 4.8% Alc.


1 x 33cl Bottle, 6.5% Alc.

1 x 33cl Bottle, 5.0% Alc.

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Located in Rapperswil-Jona, we have been brewing approachable and delicious craft beers since the turn of the century; in a natural way, without additives, with high-quality ingredients and with deep passion for our products.

Our main motivation is to create craft beers that are accessible to everyone while providing a positive experience.

The BF team brews a variety of beers, which are produced throughout the year, as well as specialty beer creations and seasonal products that are always appreciated by beer lovers.

Our  brewery is not limited to the production and distribution of beers, but also offers group events, corporate gift ideas, private labels, and we are always found at craft beer festivals.

SWISS-BEER-ABO explore Swiss craft bier

swiss-beer-abo makes it possible to explore the Swiss Craft Beer without leaving your home. We send two liters of beer with each shipment from one of over 700 Swiss Breweries. The featured brewery changes with each package!

Beginning Saturday, June 16, our neighbor Salento Food GmbH will sell BF craft beer and replace our ramp sales.

Your benefits:

  • Longer opening hours
  • Located 10 meters from the brewery
  • All BF beers available
  • Fresh & high quality products

Salento Food Hours

Monday – Friday: 9.00 – 19.00
Saturday: 8.00 – 18.00